Discover how you can intuitively create peace in your body and mind with a powerful combination of
Holistic Health, Wellness, and Spirituality 


Intuitive Eating 


A personalized workshop focused on mind-body connection and healthy habit development 

Chill Pill:

Fast and easy ways to feel more calm 

 A virtual experience

Quantum Spirituality 

Virtual Seminar

Coming Soon in 2021!

Journey to Health and Higher Conciousness

Coming soon!

6-week online course.

Brightly Well
A health and personal development company passionate about helping you come into alignment

with your true self- to radiate health,

happiness, and peace from within.

Lauren Kunkler, Founder of Brightly Well, is a Wellness Specialist, Nutrition Educator, Intuitive, Reiki Practitioner, and Quantum Spirituality Adviser in the oceanside community of Cape Cod, MA

"Lauren is the real deal!"

— Cheryl Kain, Yale Mindfulness Educator, and writer for Kripalu

"Her broad base of knowledge and experience of the healing arts with all of their specificity is impressive. Brightly Well is a gem in the world of new thought.  

Journey to Health and Higher Consciousness
New Online Course: Coming Soon! 

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Call or Text: 508-372-8105

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