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Discover how you can intuitively create peace in your body and mind with a powerful combination of
Holistic Health, Wellness, and Spirituality 



Intuitive Eating 


A personalized workshop focused on mind-body connection and healthy habit development 


Chill Pill:

Fast and easy ways to feel more calm 

 A virtual experience


Quantum Spirituality 

Virtual Seminar

Coming Soon in 2021!


Journey to Health and Higher Conciousness

Coming soon!

6-week online course.

Brightly Well
A health and personal development company passionate about helping you come into alignment

with your true self- to radiate health,

happiness, and peace from within.

Lauren Kunkler, Founder of Brightly Well, is a Wellness Specialist, Nutrition Educator, Intuitive, Reiki Practitioner, and Quantum Spirituality Adviser in the oceanside community of Cape Cod, MA

Inspiring and educational

workshops, classes, and counseling to anyone

who wants to transform their health and

wellbeing. This is done by encouraging

healing, nourishment, and self-care, with

positive mindset and meaningful habits that

create lasting improvements in holistic health.

This is important for anyone who deals with

stresses of the body and mind, or for those

who want to use complementary or alternative

health measures as a precaution to stress

related ailments.


"Lauren is the real deal!"

— Cheryl Kain, Yale Mindfulness Educator, and writer for Kripalu

"Her broad base of knowledge and experience of the healing arts with all of their specificity is impressive. Brightly Well is a gem in the world of new thought.  

Journey to Health and Higher Consciousness

Learn how to truly shine your inner light from anywhere in the world with this 6-week web-based experience. Together we will work to develop your personalized action plan to improve wellbeing physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Other services include private mentoring and coaching, web-based learning opportunities, and specialized classes for particular needs such as teachers, nurses and caretakers, and teens.

New Online Course: Coming Soon! 
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